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It's Time for a Web Site

We often hear statements like "We want a web site. Can you make one for us?" Then we receive a surprised look when we ask questions regarding the project. Web sites are not "self-evident" products that simply appear on the Internet. A positive web presence is cultivated.

Web Site Purpose

Your presence on the Internet should be an integral part of your business. There are important questions that need to be reviewed before any work begins.

  • What service is the site going to offer?
  • Who is it going to serve?
  • Why are they going to visit the site?
  • How will they learn about it?

Site Functionality

Refining the site purpose leads immediately to considering what tasks are visitors supposed to perform there. This review reveals the desired functionality of the site and what types of software support features will be required and at what cost.

  • Will visitors be making purchases from the site?
  • How many products will be featured?
  • Is there a "members/staff only" portion of the site?
  • What site protection levels are required?
  • Is the site to support employees?
  • What business functions will be performed?
  • Will reports be required? What kinds?


What's it going to take to produce your web site?

  • Business Fit
  • Functionality
  • Hosting Needs
  • Content Overview
  • Site Mapping
  • Update Strategy
  • Content Page Assignment
  • Content Production Assignment
  • Production Review
  • Post Production Review
  • Cost Containment

Hosting Needs

The functions determined above have a direct effect on what features must be available from the hosting solution and the cost of that solution. There is an entire page devoted to hosting solutions on this site as part of our Internet Services section.

Content Overview

Content falls into three basic categories:

Each page projected for the site needs to be described so that all parties can agree on what is going to appear on the site. This process aligns our production process with your expectations so the product delivered is what you, as the client, expects.

Site Mapping

Where are the various pages and site sections going to appear? Site Mapping is an essential step in any web development plan. Here are some site map samples...

Site Map examples

Content Update Strategy

What content is going to need updating? How regularly? These questions must be answered now, before any further development proceeds. Updating strategies and techniques can be built into the site to make maintenance work faster, easier, smoother and better!

Content Page Assignment

What content is going to appear on what page? Each page needs its own description.

Content Production Assignment

The prior step is easy compared to this one. Where is the content going to come from? If there is copy to be written, who is going to write it? Where are the images going to come from? How many images will require development? Are there existing images available of products, staff, facilities, or services being performed? Will "shoots" need to be arranged to provide the needed material?

Production Review Process

As development proceeds, how often is the product going to be reviewed? Who is responsible for signing off on the evolving design? Are their multiple parties? How is all of the review going to be coordinated?

Post Production Review

The site is now posted. What process is in place to make sure that all of the web functions are working as planned? Is there some sort of follow-up procedure in place for "unexpected results" that arise from live use of the site?

Cost Containment

Every step of the production process must be monitored and regular reports generated along the way so that progress can be measured against projected production times and budgets.

Having content and a map available are essential to a productive web development project. Otherwise, time is wasted on additional redesigns and production is delayed, all of which add to project costs.

Our Experience

Our professionals have produced sites for a variety of clients and needs. Our experience helps us to anticipate and prevent production problems. Meeting with us initially is free. No matter if you need a new site or need a site makeover, we can help.

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