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Distinct Web Presence

Just like in print, your web "image" needs to be distinctive and reflect positively on your business. We pull on images from your literature as well as images from stock providers.

Identity banner image samples

Clear Site Navigation

While what a page looks like may be important to you, what is important to your visitors is how easily they can find information. We create clear and easily usable page navigation so visitors can quickly locate what they are looking for.

Easily Identifiable Pages

Being able to identify where you are is just as important as seeing where you want to go. Our page designs consistently use the motif created for the entry page while helping the visitor quickly identify what page in the site they are on.

Sub Page Banner examples

Web Design

Our web design expertise
can provide the following:

  • Business Identity Banners
  • Page Identity Banners
  • Navigation
  • Image
  • CSS Features
  • Copy Editing
  • Highlighting
  • Use of PDFs
  • Easy-to-Use
    Page Layout

Clean Page Design

Pages need to be easy to read. Print or links that are too small makes it difficult to "scan" the page to locate desired information. Paragraphs need to be short, clear and feature frequent headings.

Unobtrusive Effects

Pages with too many "special effects" may capture short term interest, but they quickly grow tiring to repeat visitors. Our designs feature effects that add to the purpose and elegance of the design without being obtrusive or obnoxious.

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