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Content Assignment

Site production cannot proceed without content. The first task of Content Management is Content Assignment. Content Assignment places a responsible party for each portion of content needed for the web site and a time frame over which that content is to be provided.

Copy Management

Copy comes from two main sources: material already produced for other literature and copy to be written.

The source of copy for each page must be identified and edited. Copy to be composed must be assigned and production monitored. All copy written must be reviewed and edited.

Web copy is different than other types of copy. All copy must be reviewed, edited and reworked with the goal of making it more effective as web copy.


What's it going to take to produce your web site?

  • Assignment
  • Copy
  • Images
  • Navigation
  • Animated
  • Other

Image Management

Images come from four main sources: images that are part of material already produced (e.g., product fliers, equipment brochures, company literature, existing photos), photos that need to be shot or purchased for images that do not yet exist, scans of existing items, and image composites that are part of the graphic design tasks for the site.

Again, the method for supplying each image used on the site must be determined and the task of procuring that image assigned to a responsible party. Each portion of content is like the piece of a puzzle, and all the pieces must be on hand for the puzzle to be finished.

Navigation Management

The navigation structure for all pages must be determined and then the particulars of what page links are available from each location on the site. Do items open in existing windows or in new ones? What links are to appear on every page? How do we set up the navigation to maximize the user's flexibility and facilitate the most informative and effective experience?

Animated Elements

Like image composites, animated elements must be produced. Production of these elements must be estimated, guidelines determined, development assigned and progress monitored.

Other Elements

Some sites require video, sound or slide elements. Each of these individual elements must be identified, placed within a page description and a production plan developed.

Our Experience

Our professionals are experienced in managing, coordinating and producing all aspects of content for distribution over the Internet. Meeting with us initially is free. No matter if you need a new site, need a site makeover, or adding content to an existing site, we can help.

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