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The most basic and common form of web page interactivity is the links on that page. Somehow links let visitors know when the mouse has rolled over them to make them active. And the copy of each link should clearly describe what a visitor will find once the activate that page.

Search Capability

Some sites have a Search capability built into them. This function can simply return a list of page links that reference the searched term, or it can be designed to do much more by querying a database and displaying data fields that contain the searched term. More about that below in the Shopping Cart section.

Shopping Carts / E-Commerce

Shopping carts are almost always based on a database. A link is clicked signifying a selection, and the database fields associated with that selection display in a reusable page design where the design remains relatively unchanged, but the content in the page has been determined by user choices.

Web Page

What actions will visitors be able to perform on your web site?

  • Link Visuals
  • Searches
  • Shopping
  • Blogs
  • Live Chat
  • Element Control
  • Web-Enabled


It is possible to enable visitors to "post" information directly to a web page for review by other visitors. Variations of blogs, like MySpace, Yahoo Groups, FacePlace and others demonstrate the wide level of functionality that can be offered by such systems.

Live Chat

Live-Chat gives the visitor the option of connecting directly, via an "instant-messaging" application, to someone in customer service or tech support to discuss their issue. Instead of using the phone, all communication takes place via a keyboard and a "chat window."

Element Control

The elements being referred to here are animation, video and/or sound elements incorporated into the web site. Examples of elements and their controls are displayed on the Web Design and MultiMedia pages of this site. A good example of a very sophisticated site that allows users a wide variety of controls over their experience is Drop down list elements are liberally sprinkled throughout the page so users can direct their experience. They also have control over the video and animation elements displayed on the page.

Web-Enabled Applications

Functions varying from email operations up to data entry and report production can be accessed and operated over the web. Usually these functions are restricted through some sort of security, and often only made available through an "Intranet" tied to the company rather than over the Web at large.

What Interactivity is Right for You?

There are many options available, and they all have hardware, software, development and implementation issues and requirements that must be satisfied before they can be reliably used in a site implementation. Let us help you weight the value of functionality against the cost of use. Your first meeting is no-charge.

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