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Database Development & Implementation

In this phase the platform to be used for the database is decided and it, along with the equipment needed to run it, are purchased. What are some solutions?

SQL Server

Each of these choices will rest on factors like the size of the database and how the services and connections to the database are to be delivered. There are several steps to this phase.

Development - Trial

Create a test database to see if it will perform as expected.


Set up users in your business environment to test the database operations to see if the product provides the services you need.

Installation & Deployment

Fully install the developed or purchased system and make sure it is operating properly.


Provide training to assigned users so that they are able to make the most of using the new product.

What Steps Do You Need?

If you are purchasing a system, you may only need support in getting the system successfully installed and training in how to use it.

If you are going through a complete development cycle, you will need more...

Whether you have large needs or small, we can help!

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