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Multimedia Elements

Elements for Multimedia include animation, video, slides and sound. The key, as in web design, is making sure the user is in control of the experience and can select which portions of the presentation they are going to view and not be subjected to portions aren't relevant to what they currently need.

Control Elements

The first control element is if the presentation has been edited into easily identifiable segments. The user can easily select which segment they wish to view.

Another control element is navigation. This can be through a series of buttons that allow forward or reverse flow control. If slides are included, then slide selection should be tied to the portion of video that displays.

Play buttons


Multimedia options are diverse. Areas of expertise include:

  • Animation
  • Video Capture
  • Video Editing
  • Applications
  • Slides
  • Sound
  • "Movies"
  • E-Learning

Multimedia Applications

Types of content that most lend themselves to Multimedia include entertainment, demonstrations, presentations, and training applications. Our professionals have produced CDs of conferences, deployed speaker presentations over the web and developed various animations as web page components.

Multimedia Samples

Click on the images below for various sample demonstrations. Each sample will open in a new window. Simple follow the instructions there (if any) and close the window when finished.

PowerPoint / Video
& Navigation
Flash Movie of a Location
Video Window on a Web Page
Music Timed to a Flash Presentation
PowerPoint with video and slide navigation
Sample of a flash movie in a web page
Sample of video window on a web page
Sample of music timed to a flash movie

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