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Hosting starting at $29 per year.

Web Hosting

Yes! We provide web hosting plans. They start at $29.97 a year and move up from there. If our plans don't provide the services you need, we have several providers whom we are confident to recommend.

What do you need? The number of options listed by hosting service providers can be bewildering and it becomes very hard to really compare services. Our approach is not to compare. Our focus is first on resolving what services will best supply your business needs.

Server Platform

Windows or Linux? Does it make any difference? The answer really depends on what functionality you are trying to build into your website and what tools are being used to enable that functionality. For most smaller businesses, either platform will serve equally well. Several providers will offer either platform for the same rates. What is our rule of thumb? Unless you NEED a Windows platform, use a Linux platform.

Storage Space

5 MB – 50MB – 5GB… How much space do you need? Web files are actually very small. Just see how long you really want to wait for downloading a web page and you will see why. Once databases and catalogs get involved, storage needs increase. We help you evaluate how much space you need to serve your business. And, space is like Doritos. Use it up! There will be another plan that gives you more.


5 – 50 – 500… There are only so many mailboxes you will need! What is a more important issue to decide is if your email system is going to be client based (downloading messages for storage on your local system) or web base (keeping all the emails on the server accounts). Nothing eats up space faster than storing email and the associated attachments. Our questions primarily look at what service will best serve your business and then revisit the space issue based on that information.

Databases Included!

Again, our questions center around what database platform you need. Most accounts come with a minimum of 5 databases. More than most businesses will ever need. However, that question can only be answered after determining what functionality is desired for the business web services. What type of database? What type do you have?


What are CGIs anyway? CGI (common gateway interface) is simply the little scripts that allow visitors to fill out forms, place orders, and get more functions out what would ordinarily be a very flat and one-directional web page. CGIs make it possible for web forms to be emailed or for the information to be stored in a database on the server. They can be PERL, PHP, C++, Java, or some other language. The question really to answer is, what CGIs are available from the provider (free of charge) and how easy is it to use them.


Large numbers often come with this description "5GB Bandwith included!" or "25GB Bandwidth included!"

This term refers to how many times your website is being visited, or downloaded. Each file on every page has some size to it. Servers track what files are "served" up to visitors and how much the total storage adds up to be. Many small businesses will never need anything more than minimal storage space and bandwidth. And plans are always expandable. If you are receiving high numbers of visitors to your site (Congratulations are in order), a simple change in your plan will accommodate the increased traffic.

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