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Any web site is only as good as the traffic it gets. Despite the claims, no one can guarantee that your site will become the next most highly visited site on the planet. But, there are things that can be used to increase traffic.

Search Engine Optimized Design

The path to prominent placement in search engines begins with the design of a web page and what "content alignments" can be deliberately engineered into the page. Page titles and text content are the two most significant factors to "align" for the best search engine placement results. "Keywords" and "Descriptions" help, but are not as important.

Search Engine Placement

Beware of those services offering to "submit your site to 400 search engines!" There are not that many you are really interested in. And not all services are equally poised to assist in placing your site in the ones that matter.

Often the best shortcut for getting guaranteed exposure in a search engine is to use pay-per-click exposure. Whether or not it is right for your business depends on what results we have from your marketing plan.

"Driving" Traffic

What methods do you already have to get customers? Where do you want to expand? What budget is available? These questions determine what is already working and foster insights about what might make it better. Give customers a reason to visit your web site. On-line coupons or exclusive on-line specials will draw your existing customers to using your site. Perhaps your clientele need some sort of news updates about industry events, products, conferences and the like.

The point is, the site needs to be useful to clients in order to draw their interest to visiting it. Discovering what that niche is and incorporating it into your on-line services will help "drive" visitors to your site and enhance the usefulness and success of your site. We help you "uncover" the answers and put them to work as we design or revamp your site.

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