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Using 3-D

3-D is currently a highly specialized field with a limited set of applications. Why is it so limited? Not because of the software used to create it, but because of the software needed to view and manipulate the 3-D file.

AutoCAD Design

The largest professional application of 3-D currently is as a design tool. 3-D visualization makes creating life-like virtual models possible removing the 2-D limitations requiring users to "imagine" the third dimension


The most consumer related use of 3-D is for movie special effects and video gaming.


3-D is an emerging field with exciting possibilities.

  • 3-D Animation
  • Virtual Tours
  • Photo-Realism
  • Print Graphics
  • Training
  • Demonstrations
  • Presentations

Our Focus

As with Multimedia, our areas of working with 3-D are primarily demonstrations, presentations and training. We also use 3-D to create graphics with unique perspectives as print or web design elements.

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