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Hosting Rates starting at $29 per year!Search Engines

The topic of Search Engines is so popular among those developing web sites for the first time, that it deserves some special space of it's own.

Placement Services

You have probably seen them. "We will submit your site to 400 search engines every month for a year when you subscribe to our service!"

What they don't tell you is that many of them are "country specific" search engines, like for Australia or England. Others are engines designed for "sight-impaired" individuals. Others are more "visually" oriented and provide pictures instead of just listings. If this if your market, great! If it isn't, then this is wasted effort.

These services are not usually talking about MSN, Google, Yahoo, or AOL. These mighty giants have their own business models, and require a fee in order "expediently process" your submission into their search engine results. Otherwise, you have to wait for the old fashioned no-fee submission approach to take effect (usually about 60 days) or until they find your site on their own.

What Does Work?

At the risk of repeating ourselves, successful search engine listing in response to requests begins in the design of the page. What "requests" does the page answer? Can the page title and the page text be aligned so that those "request terms" appear appropriately often enough to warrant the engine placing your page as a "match?"

That is as simple as it is. Search engines are successful when the consistently deliver meaningful results to their users. For all the games that are played to get "placed" highly in response to searches, that is the fundamental reason visitors use them. If you have relevant information the "meaningfully matches" the request typed in, then those running that search engine are motivated to make sure your site comes up near the top of the list.

Bidding (Pay-per-Click)

Don't want to wait? Bid for a space on the pay-per-click service. You will have to gauge your "bid" per click against those already there, but this method will guarantee you come up in a special area on the search engine page when matching requests are typed into the search field.

We help you determine what method would be best for your business and then help you put it to work on getting traffic for your site.

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